Brad one-punch Pickett at Maximus

Brad one-punch Pickett and Maximus Memorabilia with Canon Windows

 Maximus Memorabilia

Maximus Memorabilia specialises in the selling and distribution of sports memorabilia, celebrity autographs and film props. We are a member of the Autograph Fair Trade Association and the Universal Autograph Collectors Club in the hope that we can provide our customers with confidence that all our items are authentic.

Maximus Memorabilia originally began trading in 2006 however it has been a lifetime hobby of Stuart Livermore (proprietor) which eventually developed in to a business following the increasing size of his collection. Stuart’s passion and enthusiam is paramount and for all those who have seen the items sold at Maximus Memorabilia you can see that he has a rare talent to make all his items on sale look “unique”.

Please do not hesitate to visit our shop located at:

48 Sewardstone Road
E4 7PR

eBay store: maximusmemorabilia

Please note that you can also find Maximus Memorabilia on facebook