Victorian Conservatory

Our conservatories are of a very high quality and come with a range of different designs and colours. In order to make sure that the conservatory you choose fits your needs and suits your property we design the conservatory with your specific garden and home in mind. This means that you get the most value and the most use out of your investment.

Stunning Conservatories

This design is recognised by the multi-faceted end wall used to create a semi rounded feature. We also fit a ridged roof as standard. This interesting aspect of a Victorian style conservatory makes the external design attractive but depending on how you plan to use it can slightly restrict the layout of furniture inside.

Designed For You

The simple elegance of a Victorian conservatory is perfect for many home owners; however, Canon Windows’ installers can also design individual,bespoke conservatories that ensure you get the design that you want and that works for you.

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