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Double Glazed Bay windows to the front of the property can really enhance the look of your home.


Bay Windows

 What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are specially designed windows that create an area in a home filled with light.

They highlight the view of the outdoors, such as the garden or the stables, and they are often designed with window seats so that people can sit in the windows and relax.

This type of window is very common in Victorian architecture and some schools of modern design.

 Bay Window Styles

Style 1, the windows form a box that juts out from a house, and is often designed to be filled with plants or ornaments.

The box  starts a little below head height and  provides light and a view without disrupting the general shape of the house.

This type of bay window is common in less expensive homes, or homes in developments that are built to a standard model, which would make building full bay windows inconvenient.

Style 2, the windows are designed as part of a floor to ceiling polygonal shape that actually creates a nook, and causes the floor plan to deviate.

The most common shape for this style of bay window design is a trapezoidal shape, with the narrowest part of the trapezoid facing out.


Thermal Insulation

Safety Security

Noise Control

Glass Systems

Fire Protection

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 Bay Benefits

The main benefits of installing Bay windows are the extra gains in both light and space you can achieve.

When installed in darker areas of a property, the virtual extension of the building’s boundary means that more light is able to enter a building. Each Bay windows design also creates more space on the inside by the way of a usable window ledge.

 Bay Colour Finishes

There are distinct advantages to using the modern PVC-U and composite materials to personalise the appearance of your property.

We offer various designs to choose from that will suit your property, and all designs will also come in a range of colours.

 Bay window glazing

Canon representatives will help you choose from Georgian bars, leaded glass in diamond or square patterns with authentic solder joints.

Stained glass is available from a selection of our standard designs.
You can also find a vast selection of decorative and patterned glass options.


Our Technicians are quite astute and can help if you would prefer to have a custom design made or even match an original window.

If you are unsure of any costs associated with the replacement of your double glazed bay windows then please give one of our team a call.
We would be happy to give detailed quotes with no obligation.


Special Applications

Solar Energy

Solar Control


Self Cleaning

Energy Efficiency

 Technical Info

Canon Windows only use the best quality parts. We combine them with accurate and efficient manufacturing to create conservatories, windows and doors.

These are guaranteed to perform in line with the highest expectations.

Information IconPVC-U frames, high quality doors and good standard glazing will significantly improve the energy efficiency rating at your house.

Information IconYou can expect reduced costs on heating bills for your property as well as putting less of a strain on the environment.

Information IconThe windows we install are made on site in our UK factory and all achieve the prestigious ‘A’ rating.

Information IconBy using the most up to date PVC-U innovations and glass technology we are able to produce products highly respected by the Energy Saving Trust.


Window Security

 High Security

Our technicians have built a number of mechanisms into each door and window frame. This gives our products a very high security specification.

Hence, the built in security makes a composite and PVC-U door or window more secure than traditional wood frames.

 Anti Intrusion

In addition, Security systems include multi point locking, hook locks and shoot bolts.
While these names sound pretty aggressive, they also aggressively deter would be burglars and intruders.

 Anti Jemmying

In addition, you cannot bump our locks to gain access.

Furthermore, With testing handled to the highest BSEN 1303:2005 security certificate you can have complete confidence in your door from Canon Windows.




Canon Windows are a part of the FENSA insurance and guarantee system.

Like ATOL or any other industry wide guarantee this means that when Canon Windows’ customers sign up for our products and services.

They are also signing up for a guarantee that will protect all products and services purchased as well as any deposit paid and all other aspects of the job. Therefore,

Only FENSA offers a series of guarantees to provide homeowners with complete peace of mind.

FENSA only accept the very best and most professional companies and ares famous for offering an impressive Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee which protects homeowners’ investment even in the unlikely case that their installer ceases to trade.

This is one of the most unique guarantees within the industry.

It sets out clearly what is covered and what isn’t.
There is no small print and no hidden catches – everything is open and up-front.




A casement is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges.

These double glazed windows are hinged at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside.

Casement windows are the most popular windows that we install.


These Tilt and turn windows are ideal for many homes because they can be tilted inwards for effective ventilation.

They can also be turned to make it easy for you to clean them from the inside. Furthermore Built with Stylish design aesthetics, convenience and versatility.

As a result these windows will probably give you the best of all worlds.


Double glazed or triple glazed Revival Windows are manufactured exclusively to us.

Revival faithfully replicates period timber window styling, right down to the details of conventional timber hardware.

It takes a magical step back in time for the great looks of authentic timber window detailing but also with all the benefits of low maintenance PVCu.


Flush SASH windows bring back the traditional timber appearance, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame.

In conclusion they offer the realism of a traditional pre-1932 timber window also combined with 21st century thermal benefits.


A sash window is made of one or more movable panels, or “sashes” that form a frame to hold panes of glass.

For superior reversible and vertical sliding sash windows, we have options that will suit all styles of property.


Slim Sash Windows have a larger glass area, giving more daylight in the home and still achieve outstanding energy efficiency.

The more popular 70mm PVCu Slim SASH profile which is exclusive to us from Whiteline have a more elegant appearance.

 Canon Windows Quote

The double glazing quotes we offer cover all aspects of the job from making the windows right through to the installation. It also covers the removal of existing windows.

If you are unsure of any costs in association with the replacement of your windows then please give one of our team a call.

A colleague would be more than happy to give detailed quotes with no obligation. Ask us a question

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