Enfield – Irish Oak PVC Window Bay and Composite Door

Enfield PVC Irish Oak Window Bay, PVC Composite front door – All A Rated fitted by The Canon Windows Install Team.

Irish oak bay enfield

Irish Oak Enfield BayIrish Oak Enfield

 The Borough of Enfield

Enfield Town used to be a small market town in the county of Middlesex.
It sits on the edge of the forest about a day’s walk north of London.

As London grew, its surrounds eventually became a residential suburb, with fast transport links into central London.

The current borough was created in 1965 from the former areas of Southgate, Enfield and Edmonton.

The armorial bearings of these three boroughs were also merged.

The heraldic beast on the shield is also known in heraldry as an “Enfield”, and is used extensively as a logo, particularly by the borough council.


enfield logo

 More about Bay Windows

Double Glazed Bay windows to the front of the property can really enhance the look of your home.
Bay windows are also specially designed windows that create an area in a home filled with light.

They highlight the view of the outdoors, such as the garden or the stables.
They are also often designed with window seats because people like to sit in the windows and relax.

The main benefits of installing Bay windows are the extra gains in both light and space you can achieve.

In dark areas of the property, bay windows create a virtual extension of the building’s boundary. Therefore, more light is able to enter the building. Each Bay window design also creates more space on the inside

We offer various designs to choose from that will suit your property, and all designs will also come in a range of colours. Irish Oak pictured above is a unique choice, with white and grey being popular choices.

This type of window is very common in Victorian architecture and some schools of modern design.
More about Bay Windows

Canon Windows’ composite doors provide many of the benefits of traditional wood doors while avoiding all the problems.

These doors will look as good as any timber frame and door; however, they will not split, rot, crack or swell and you will never need to re-paint them. Our composite doors are installed within their frame to give a unified appearance. Read More about Composite Doors