Our Origin Aluminium French doors …

 Origin French Doors

Great for balconies or for where space is at a premium, an Origin French Door set ensures you get the most from your view, regardless of what room you’re in.

Alternatively, they can be used to perfectly complement traditional style properties such as cottages and bungalows.

If you would prefer not to have your doors opening this far, your installer can easily attach hooks to the door or wall as required to prevent this.

 Made to Measure

Are able to fit in apertures ranging from 1.4-2.4m, and if fixed panes are added on either side (or ‘flags’ as they are sometimes referred to as).

This means that they can fit into apertures of up to 3.8m, offering a truly flexible way to find your perfect door.

As with all of our doors, our French Door sets are manufactured with precision and expertise, not to mention a premium quality aluminium.


Maximise space without compromising your view

Similar to our Bi-fold Doors and Single Doors, the French Doors can be manufactured so that they can open inwards or outwards to help maximise space.

As they are hinged, they can open a full 180 degrees, but will only open as far as the brick work or wall will allow.